6 Important Tips for Arranging Sofa Pillows Like a Pro

Is your home themed casual or classic? Maybe relaxed or romantic? Well, the good news is that no matter how it is, there are plenty of ideas you can consider to arrange your pillows in such a way that they'll make any room look a lot more beautiful, welcoming, and also relaxing. In fact, our experts have already taken the time to research some of the best pillow arranging tips for sofas, so let's take a closer look at some of them below to see which one you're going to like best.



Use the largest pillow and begin from the outside 

When you want to arrange pillows on sofas, it's recommended that you always start with the biggest pillow and begin from the outside. For instance, you could use two big pillows on either side of the couch and then place a smaller one in front of them. Also, for the middle, you'll need to use the smallest pillow you have, but don't be afraid to experiment. This is just an idea and you could very well place a larger pillow in the middle based on what mood you want the arrangement on your sofa to give to the entire room. As a rule, odd numbers usually look the best. 


Match and mix fabrics

Bear in mind that you should never try to match your pillows to the sofa upholstery and vice versa. If you have patterned fabrics, then they should be limited to 1 set of pillows per sofa. Mix textures, vary prints with solids and don't forget to layer colors as well. By doing so, you'll create a lot of interest that’s definitely going to be noticed and appreciated by anyone you'll invite into the room.


Throw in an odd shape

There are many people out there who don't like symmetrical looks and if you're one of them, then you can very well create an amazing looking sofa by including a rectangular pillow. To draw up even more interest, make sure that the pillow is made from a fabric that’s different from what the rest of the pillows are made of, but still coordinates.


Fill and fluff your pillows properly

While there are a lot of people who have pillows with polyester inserts, it seems that down fillers are always a much better idea if you want to go for a special and overall unique arrangement. On top of that, these pillows are not only more beautiful, but also a lot more comfortable. However, if someone in the family is allergic to down filled pillows, you may want to get them with hypoallergenic down. 


Try using ready-made sofa pillows

Did you know that you can actually get ready made pillows and use them in order to give your sofa a unique look? As for the kind of pillows you should get, make sure they are comfortable and make you smile. After all, an overly designed room may look a bit too pretentious and opulent. To avoid this pitfall, you could try an arrangement that initially looks haphazard, but is cohesive, stylish and creates a dressed-down look. 

On the other hand, if you have a home that is an eclectic mix of designs and colors, you could opt for pillows of various styles and shapes in order to express your taste. For instance, you could use a square pillow, a rectangular pillow and a round one of various colors in order to create a cocktail of shapes and styles that are certainly going to make the couch stand out and bestow a refreshing mood to the room. 


The 2-2-1 ratio

This is a very popular way of decorating a sofa with pillows and a lot of people are currently considering it since it gives some pretty amazing results. To adorn your sofa with the 2-2-1 ratio, you need to use 2 square pillows with pattern on the ends of the couch (make sure they are one size) and then consider adding 2 smaller ones that feature a different pattern next to them. Lastly, for the center, you'll have to add 1 rectangular pillow. Since the sizing differs, it creates a pleasing aesthetic difference, while the contrasting colors and patterns add whimsy. 

As you can see, making your sofa look great with these pillow arranging ideas is very simple and all you have to do is try as many of them as you can to see which one looks best for your needs. Just be patient about it and you'll certainly love the results! Check out our amazing collection of pillows on our online store here!