Tips for Decorating Different Rooms With Different Mirrors

Mirrors are considered a decorative piece of furniture as it makes the room larger and helps in opening up the room. Mirrors can be used as a versatile decorative element and its different shapes, sizes and styles can give a polished look to the room. Mirrors can entirely change the look of a room. They can illuminate the dark corners of rooms and can also create an illusion of larger space. It can make the room look more elegant and can even provide an artistic touch to the room. Whether your taste is ultramodern or ultra-classic, mirrors are available to suit all types of tastes.


Making the drawing room look bigger

Hang the mirrors by turning them on their side. This can be done especially with long skinny mirrors for making the walls look longer than they actually are. Another way of doing it is by hanging floor mirrors either behind your group of furnitures or just keeping it on their own. The long shape of the mirrors make the rooms look bigger and adds a brighter look to the room. You can even choose to layer the mirrors with one large mirror and a few smaller ones on top. This will give an open-space feeling and will also add to the depth of the room. If you're not looking for giving the drawing room a bigger-space illusion, you can simply put a massive empty picture frame over the fireplace to add an artistic style to the room.


Decorating the dining space with mirrors

If you wish to decorate your dining room with mirrors, you actually have some very smart options. One of them is simply covering up the major part of the wall just beside the dining table. This will allow to keep the light soft and at the same time making the area look bright and well lit. You can use inexpensive mirrors (like the ones used in closets) to save on budget. 


Different designs of bedroom mirrors

These mirror tricks work in amazing ways, especially for small-spaced bedrooms. If one wall of the room is completely covered up with a mirror, it will create a visual illusion by making the space look double. It adds a subtle and elegant look when combined with proper color combinations. Mirrored wardrobes can be another smart option for small rooms to make it look bigger. If you intend to cut down their price in selecting the mirrors, you can simply buy smaller and lower budget mirrors. These mirrors can be framed in different ways and painted with similar colours to put them together in the same place on the wall. This should be done very neatly to avoid making it look messy. However, this particular type of design can be put even in drawing room as well. 


Mirror options for the kitchen

One of the popular ways of putting mirrors in the kitchen are fitting them to cabinet fronts. It can actually reflect the whole space around you. You can even consider fixing them onto the bottom cabinets or the top ones. That technique can even work quite wonderfully in small spaces. One unique way is to put the mirror at the back of the stove. This will allow you to remove the darkness around the stove and make it a more enjoyable place to stand. Though this will also make the mirrors dirty easily, they can also be cleaned up very fast. Backsplashes add to the reflection making the space extra bright by using the natural light. 


Antique look for bathrooms

The bedroom dressers can be moved into the bathroom and added with a mirrored vanity table for making the bathroom look brighter and more glamorous, giving it an old world look. Antique mirrors can be placed on the vanity to add to the softness of the look. Obviously, the size of the mirror will depend on the shape and size of the bathroom. Long, wide countertops look great with large wide mirror on top of it, and give off the impression of a much larger bathroom.

We hope we've showed how mirrors can really play a versatile role in decorating your house. It's important for people to take into account what room they're in along with the different colors, dimensions, and themes before deciding what kind of mirror to go with. Check out our great selection of mirrors available at our online store here. 










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How To Choose The Perfect Chandelier For Your Home

Chandeliers can add amazing ambience to virtually all the rooms in your home. Chandeliers come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. You can find anything from metal to bronze, to glass or crystal, even ceramic and gold. With so many beautiful chandeliers out there, finding the perfect chandelier for your home is almost a guarantee. Nevertheless, the process may be overwhelming. Below are some important tips that will guide you in choosing the perfect chandelier for your home.


Think Style

You perhaps have a good idea what style your room is – traditional, contemporary or modern. Your chandelier should fall within the parameters of the design scheme of your room. However, this shouldn’t be considered to be the iron rule. In reality, many interiors are arranged in an elaborate and eclectic way. A room that has been traditionally furnished may look great with the fusion of a modern chandelier. Similarly, an ultra-simple and modern interior can benefit greatly from the splendor of traditional beauty. When shopping for a chandelier, you should always pay attention to your instincts, if you come across one that fits the style of your home but leaves you apathetic, keep walking until you find the perfect one. 


Get Inspired

Before shopping for the perfect chandelier, you should first gather inspiration from websites and magazines and take 3 to 5 photos with you on your shopping trip – it is also a good idea to have a photo of your room. Show the photos to the lighting salesperson and explain to them in general terms what you are looking for. Most lighting professionals are passionate about the art of lighting design and usually have many years of experience. This makes them uniquely qualified in helping you select the perfect chandeliers for your home.


Light Bright

It is also important that you take into consideration the amount of light the chandelier should provide. Perhaps it is one of several sources of light in a bedroom or dining room, and so brightness doesn’t have to be a priority. However, if the chandelier is the only light in your lobby, the amount of light provided by your chandelier is important – the last thing you want in your home is a lobby that is dimly lit. When in doubt you should always go with more light potential, you can always replace bulbs with lower wattage alternatives.


Size Matters

The size of your chandelier will depend on the size of your room. It should be the key feature of a room and complement the furniture and area around it. Too small and it will look out of place and lost, too big and it will overwhelm the room. 

A good tip to determine the size of your perfect chandelier is to use the dimensions of your room. Add the dimensions (feet) of two sides of your room and convert that to inches to find out the diameter of the fixture. For instance, if your room is 10 ft. x14 ft. the diameter of the chandelier should be around 24 in. When in doubt, it’s better to go a little bigger than smaller. Smaller fixtures will throw off the proportions of your room and can look silly and diminutive, whereas slightly over sized fixtures will command presence, and look more stylish and natural.

In dining rooms, however, you should use the dimensions of your dining table as reference; the diameter of your chandelier should be around half to two thirds the width of your dining table. Again, it is better if you choose a slightly bigger than smaller for your dining fixture, but just ensure it is 12 in. narrower than the width of your table so that taller guests will not bump their heads. 


Think About Maintenance

You will have to clean your new chandelier regularly so that you can remove dust and keep it shining. Most chandeliers are crafted from delicate crystal or glass and most feature many small elaborate beads and other detailing. Some chandeliers need less maintenance than others. Chandeliers that have larger parts or fewer pieces will be quicker to clean and dust on a regular basis. To keep your chandelier looking new, you will have to clean it thoroughly at least once every year. Chandeliers that have crystals will have to be washed in warm soapy water and those that are made from metal have to be polished. You should keep this in mind when selecting the materials that the perfect chandelier for your home is made from.


Take some time and enjoy the process of selecting the perfect chandelier for your home, a beautiful fixture will give your room a high end, sophisticated appearance and will be something you will enjoy for years to come. Check out our chandelier collection available here!

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What to Look for In Your First Dining Room Table

How your dining table looks is very important, but making sure it fits your dining room and functions perfectly to meet your everyday needs is what's more essential. When decorating your house- in particular the dining room- the most important and obvious starting point would be the dining table. In most cases, majority of the stores carry these as a set with chairs, but for a higher level of style you can buy the table separately.

Be it a formal dining room, breakfast nooks or kitchen dinettes, your dining table needs enough space allocated to it. For many of us growing up, our family dining table was the center of the household and was used for not just dining, but playing games, buffet table, homework or working on the computer.

Choosing your first dining room table can be as complicated or as easy as you can make it, but what makes this process simpler is deciding whether to spend a little bit more and go with something solid or saving a few pennies and buying quality products. Quality, price, durability, efficiency, table capacity and design are some of the common features that you should consider before making up your choice on a new dining room table. For instance, a family of four will go for a small dining table while one for eight will consider something larger.

It can pay in the long run to go for real solid pieces for the dining room as they are apt to last for years. Some of these quality dining tables increase in beauty as they fade and acquire dents and marks. Such quality is a symbol of family life and can add to the character of the piece as well as jogging your memory as each mark and scratch will have a story to it of the past dinners and meals.

Let's be sincere- you can only buy what you can afford. Don't strain to much to spend on what can cripple your budget. Be wise and make a budget before you start your search. The good news is that you can still get quality dining tables at a more favorable price if you take time to scour the market.

Purpose and Use
The main reason we buy a dining table is to be able to enjoy meals with family in a decent setting. Other than that, it's a piece of furniture that can serve the whole family in many other ways. If you have kids and you don't want to spend some extra bucks for a reading table, then its paramount to choose a multi-purpose dining table. It will enable kids to spread out their homework on it every night before dinner is ready, or play jigsaws and other types of puzzle games. 

Buying a Table With Chairs
As a first time buyer, its important to know that dining room tables and chairs have to be very versatile as they are liable to be put to all kinds of uses (and we didn't even mention the idea of guests coming for dinner)! You must make a decision whether to buy a dining set or individual pieces. However, buying a table with the chairs included in the price may work out to be cheaper. For instance, if you like the concept of going for a set due to cost and to have it matching then establish how many pieces will satisfy your requirements. The family members may only amount to 4 but you might entertain a lot so it's better to buy 8 or 12 chairs to go with the table. In such a scenario, you will need a bigger table or at least one that can be folded out when entertaining.

Size and Shape

Several dining tables come in different sizes with quite a large range to choose from. Most start from 3 or 4 seater options up to 9-pieces, if you need anything bigger then you might have to consider getting something custom-made. After you have completed choosing the size, the height comes next. You can choose standard, counter height or opt for bar height.

When it comes to shape, dining tables come in different shapes. Some of the popular shapes include rectangle, oblong, square or rectangle. There are more obscure shapes around if you want something really unique. It's completely up to your tastes but there are definitely certain moods that some shapes bring. 


Everyone wants to have unique looking furniture. It's advisable to have a dining table that goes well with your decor and the surroundings. Most people go for custom made dining tables made of wood that can look traditional or modern depending on the type of dining chairs you choose to accompany it and the styles designed. For a distinctive look then you don't have to buy dining sets. Instead, buy the table and then look for chairs that don't exactly match but make a stunning contrast. However, the chairs should still be considerably comfortable.

After you have gone through all this, take a few choices from your 5 best dining tables you found and share it with your family. This will help you come up with a solid decision on what everyone likes. A dining table that everyone likes is more likely to draw the family members together than the one that some members don't like. A special lovely dining table will always make your everyday meals special and will create great memories together. 

Check out our modern dining table collection available here! 

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Crucial Tips for Using Home Accents in Your Home Decor

When you think about it for a second, it's really amazing how accessories and small items can have a huge impact on the feel and look of a home. While most of the times it's designers that know exactly what accessories to combine in order to make a room look simply amazing, you don't have to worry about the fact their secrets are well kept and as a regular person you won't be able to access them. In fact, to show you that it's absolutely possible to make your room look breathtaking without being a designer, we've come up with some wonderful ideas below on how to use home accents for your home decor. Let's check them out!


Always go for quality over quantity

You can easily purchase mass produced items from almost any goods store, but is that actually what you'd like to fill your home and life with? In fact, one of the main rules of decorating your house with accents is that less is always more. In this vein, it's best that you consider looking for a unique and attention-grabbing piece that "pulls" the room together and "completes" it instead of loading it with small knickknacks that have no other value besides their (low) price.


Combining colors and textures is always recommended

If you ask me, I'm a huge proponent of neutrals in permanent fixtures and large furnishings. However, that doesn't mean that I don't like to use inexpensive accessories to really break out with varying textures and also pops of color. I always advise my friends and everyone else who comes to me looking for advice on how to decorate their home that accessories should always be used for adding contrast and visual interest in a space. On top of that, the good news is that accessories can also be exchanged or altered in order to fit changing seasons, styles and moods.


Tabletop order

If you have a coffee table that looks too dull and you'd like to give it a splash of "life", there are quite a few ways you can do that. Tables offer lots of space for decorative pieces, flowers and books, but be careful when decorating them. You need to make sure the accessories chosen are pleasing to the eye, so how about you use trays for grouping similar items, such as pillar candles and ceramics? One idea would be clustering vases or bowls in one tray and candles of various colors and sizes in a different one. To add a last touch, you could consider using a vessel filled with found objects to jazz up a stack of books. 


Focus on a certain collection

If you try to decorate the room with collectibles from a wide range of collections, then the eyes will find it hard to focus and enjoy any one item. To fix that, you may want to consider focusing only on a single collection. This usually means sticking with items that are similar in terms of hue and/or size. Depending on the items you have and their number, you may want to gather the one you like most in one spot in order to create a centerpiece that immediately grabs the attention of anyone who enters in the room.

It's all about proportions

When it comes to properly decorating a room, I always thought that if you mess up with the proportions, then it's only going to go downhill from there. In fact, you've probably seen several homes by now where homeowners used a very small rug in a very large room or hung a very large painting on a very small wall. My advice is to make sure you always study the proportion and scale of what you want to use a decorative item in your home in order to make sure it perfectly suites your space. After all, it's proportion and scale that help you create a comfortable and great looking home. 


As you can see, decorating your home and making it look beautiful, comfortable and relaxing is not hard at all now that you have these valuable tips on how to properly decorate it. With a bit of patience and experimenting, you'll soon manage to decorate your home in the same way a designer would, but without holding a diploma in interior design!

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7 Incredibly Unique Home Storage and Organization Ideas

It is amazing how no matter the size of space you tend to have around you, it always seems filled by trinkets that you could probably be stowed away nicely. At times, everywhere you look, the sense of clatter is just overwhelming, and you feel suffocated despite the fact that you have painstakingly arranged things around the house, or so you think.


The real problem here is that most of us think that when we arrange beds and furniture, everything else will just fall into place. Sadly, it is hardly the case. The secret to a clutter-free existence lies in using the tools around you creatively and organize things in the most economical way possible. Here are some simple hacks to get you there.


Use the Ceiling

Whoever thought that the ceiling is a place you can store anything? Well, actually, it turns out that you can take advantage of empty space in the air without having to worry about gravity! There is a chance that you have some wrapping papers stacked in the closet. They get in the way, they become crumpled all the time and they get lost when you need them. To lay this hassle to rest, just find nails and strings and lay the papers flat against the ceiling.


Manage Shoe Organizers Creatively

Do not let their name stop you either! Use organizers everywhere you want to reduce clatter. In your garage, they will hold tools and spray paint. In your laundry area, they will hold detergents and supplies. Should you use them in the children’s room, they will take in toys regardless of shape.

Lastly, using them in the closet will help you keep things organized by throwing belts and socks inside them. With this range of capabilities, surely this is one of the most unique storage and organization ideas for the home!


Tackle Boxes for Efficiency

Many homes have batteries of different sizes scattered around all over the place. They cause clatter and they pose a danger of slipping, particularly where children are involved. The good thing about tackle boxes is that they allow you to sort your assortment of batteries according to size. In addition, they are not limited to these items alone-you can use them for stashing away other odds and ends without having to bother with your drawers or cabinets.


Using Ice Cube Trays to Divide Drawers

Drawers are a great choice for storing the smaller things around the house. The problem is that we tend to throw everything inside them without any sense of order. When it comes to looking for these things, it becomes a whole new task because you now have to empty the drawer in order to find any hidden in its depths. What you need here are ice cube trays. Just place them inside the drawer and voila! You have different partitions where you can place items of each kind, which makes life a lot easier for everyone and ensures that you do not waste time looking for stuff.


Wine Racks Can Hold Towels

Walls are free most of the times, and you need to fully exploit that. If your bathroom just does not seem to have enough cupboard wriggle room but has a free wall, you can roll up your towels nicely and place them on a wine rack suspended from the wall. This wine rack is neatly organized under the kitchen table set. Click on the image to view the product!


Wall Mounts

Do you find yourself with a truckload of high heels? The closet fills up before you get the chance to organize your shoes and your closet is no longer a walk-in! Your savior in this case is crown molding, working with base molding customized to fit the situation. The angle here needs to be just right enough to hold the heels in place. Such an arrangement makes it easier to retrieve your heels at any point. In addition, it has a great aesthetic appeal, as the pattern that comes up is incredibly attractive. Here is a simple rack you can purchase to go up against any wall.


Converting a Mailbox to a Mini-Shed

We all have a vintage mailbox that never wants to grow old and fade away, and for good reason; it is basically just staying there asking to be made useful! You can put this box in a corner, with flowers hanging over it to make it part of your landscaping. Throw your garden tools in there. They will stay dry, away from the kids and easy to access to you.

 Space is a real issue in every home. However, making creative decisions and using readily available items for storage reduces clatter and restores order. Always try to brainstorm unique storage and organization ideas for the home and toy around with them to see what goes!

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How to Decorate Your Home with "Shabby Chic" Home Decor

After finishing your home, the interior design is usually the next step for you. The shabby chic or 'old looking but cool' décor style is often preferred by many home owners. This style forgives scratches here and there, and the unusual bash, hence it can be integrated with inherited vintage homewares and colorful soft furnishings.

The shabby chic style can be used to design many home areas, including walls, decors and even bedrooms. It can be used depending on the prevailing season, be it winter, spring, autumn or summer. The following shabby chic décor tips and tricks will help you in decorating your home to attain the ultimate shabby chic look.

  1. Choose a Unique Palette

The first step in attaining the elegant shabby chic look in your home is choosing the palette. You should select a distinctive palette that speaks for itself. Here, avoid the use of jewel tones, dark and moody colors. Instead, go for muted and faded tones, or icy pastels with a classic shabby chic style that are common in many country homes. Also, opt for antique white instead of the popular bright white, as the antique white creates a backdrop for shabby chic accents in faded muted mustard, cornflower blue, foam green or rose pink. 

  1. Use Comfortable Fabrics

Ensure that textiles used create a welcoming, natural and light touch mood. Classic shabby chic décor fabric used should include cotton, muslin and linen, integrated with hints of coarser weaves like delicate lace or burlap. You can use draperies, upholstered pieces, bed and table linens, and throw pillows to gain a classy old-school flair. Addition of dressmaker detailing like skirts, pintucks and scallops on these pieces will give you the ultimate shabby chic look and feel. 

  1. Incorporate Decorative Shabby Chic Accessories

These can include reproductions or authentic antiques. Furthermore, you can create lovely shelves by simply painting and nailing your vintage wooden drawers onto a wall. Other shabby chic furniture and bookcases are impeccably suited to your old-fashioned vases and bottles. Artisan touches supplement the shabby chic design, and you can do this by adding a distressed finish to a vintage table to create a different look.  

  1. Flowers, Geometric Shapes and Floral Decoration Patterns

Wallpapers are very eye-catching and wonderful to have. For a shabby chic look, include fresh or dried flower arrangements and floral patterns on your modern wallpaper, shabby chic furniture or bedding. Your flowers and shabby chic fabrics can be inspired by tender flower shades, which add a romantic, light and youthful feel to your home. With all these, you will be able to comfortably invoke happy childhood memories and special occasion memories.

  1. Select Crystals, Fabric or Glass Lamp Shades with Soft Base Shapes

Shabby Chic table lamps and chandeliers come with crystals, glass and fabrics with soft base shapes. These will gain the perfect shabby chic look that you are going for. In addition, choose soft pastel colors or the classy black, gray or white tones for your lighting fixtures, because these pastels maintain their elegance and feel gentle. 

  1. Shabby Chic Wallpapers

For the perfect Shabby Chic look, go for wallpaper alcoves, or a one statement all for a pop of color. Ideally, a shabby chic wallpaper is matte, whose finish is textured with soft colors, muted floral pattern or a paisley pattern. Clocks, shabby chic photo frames and other accessories can be hunted down and added to the mix. 

  1. Whitewashed Furniture

Furniture can easily define your entire room or home. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the best shabby chic furniture for your home. Select a focal-point shabby chic furniture piece and place it at the center of the room. A farmhouse table with wide wooden planks can be placed in your dining room or kitchen, and an elegant shabby chic feel will be the result. The living room needs to be styled up too – a round wooden coffee table painted in sunny yellow or antique white, with a faded chintz sofa next to it creates the best shabby chic look. Your bedroom is not neglected, as a wrought-iron bed frame, comfy cushions and a pretty window seat will achieve the shabby chic bedroom you long for. 

  1. Slipcovers

Slipcovers are key determinant features of a shabby chic design. They are de rigueur for chairs and sofas, but they can also be used to slipcover any piece of furniture. Pick an inexpensive, lightweight fabric in a dainty print or a pale color with slightly faded look. 

Indeed, the Shabby Chic décor look is one-of-a-kind, due to its awesome elegance and feel. Once you have the shabby chic décor tips and tricks above at your fingertips, you are guaranteed to enjoy your shabby chic home, while impressing your guests!  

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How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Any Living Room

The perfect coffee table will make your living room have a clean, complete look. Of course there are many different designs of coffee tables available. You can find one that is round, rectangular, made out of glass, with decorations or even one that is made out of wood and is simple. You should first take time and explore different options available before you decide on one.

After arranging your living room, there will be a space which will be left, usually in front of the couches and between the TV or next room over. Your inspiration on what type of coffee table you will buy should commence there. It is always necessary for you to buy a table that will fit in the space which you will have set aside for the coffee table- we will discuss size shortly. For those who have small rooms, going for a coffee table that has cabinet underneath where you can store your belongings is a great idea. 

Here are 6 tips on how to choose the perfect coffee table for any living room:


When you start your search, you will find coffee tables at various different prices. There are those which will be very expensive while you can also access others at budget-friendly prices. Before you decide on any table, you should first set your mind on the budget of the table.

Most stores which sell the tables online will have sections where you can filter the price for you to remain with tables that are in a price range which you can afford. You should always use the price filters to narrow down a list of tables which your budget will easily accommodate. After you filter the prices to your budget, then you will find it easy in narrowing down your choice to a specific table which will work well in your living room. 



The space which you will have set aside for the table will determine to some extent the shape of the table which you will buy. Rectangular tables will tend to occupy space next to the walls easily. In case you have a lot of pets and small children in your home, then the most appropriate shape for a coffee table is an oval or round table. This is due to safety factors, since a round or oval table will not expose your small children or pets to injures in case they run and knock against it. 

The shape can also be determined by the layout of the couches. If you have a sectional couch shaped in a long 'L' formation, it may make more sense to get a rectangular coffee table that everyone can reach. A smaller couch will go better with a perfect square table, and so on. 



You should take into consideration the space which you have left to have a table before you order one. If possible, you should go the extra mile and take measurements of the area where you will like the coffee table to be placed. After taking measurements, you will be able to easily order a coffee table which will fit easily to the place (most websites and stores include dimensions alongside the product, so don't worry about bringing a measuring tape to the store).

The number of people whom you intend to accommodate in your family also matters. In case your family is big, then you should consider buying a big coffee table so that each of your family members will have a place at the table where they can sit and enjoy coffee during coffee time.

Size isn't just about width when it comes to coffee tables. Height also plays an important factor, considering that height determines what exactly you can use the tables for. Some people eat meals on their couch while watching TV, and a taller coffee table will allow them to put plates down easier. If the coffee table is really low, then putting your feet up on it is an option as well. This leads us to the functionality of the table...



Apart from setting next to the table while drinking coffee, there are other uses which you may like the table to be used for. This you have to decide when planning out your whole living room, since some other furniture may not be necessary afterwards (like a kitchen table if you eat on the coffee table all the time).

For instance, you may like to have a table where you will store items or the one that will act as decoration in your living room. There are some tables which have drawers or shelves. In case you will like a table where you will store your children toys and other small items, then you should go for a table that has the storage spaces. For decorative purposes, you should look for one that has been made out of great designs which will add beauty to your room.



Coffee tables come in variety of materials. There are those that come in metals such as brass and steel, some in glass or wood. In case you are after sophisticated looks, then you can order a coffee table made out of glass. For durability you can consider metal or wood.

Material usually only makes a difference in the type of style you are going after. For example, a polished white wooden coffee table with shiny metal legs looks more clean and fancier than a simple black or brown wooden piece. Material and color are also closely related to the overall style.



There are different styles of coffee tables available, you can have modern, vintage, formal or informal style. For those who will like to have contemporary looks, they can go for metal table that has a glass top. For those who will like to have country casual, rustic oak will serve them well. 

At the end of the day, your choice in coffee table will come down to what your room can offer and the style you want. After that, it is up to finding one within your budget that meets your other criteria. At First of a Kind, we have a beautiful selection of affordable modern coffee tables to meet your needs! We hope this article helped you in planning out your purchase, and comment below if you have any comments or questions.


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The Only, Proper Way To Use Lamps To Brighten Your Home

When you first step into a room, the first things that you will probably notice are the ornaments, decorations or furniture. It's easy to assume that all you need to make a room beautiful are these elements. However, not a lot of people know that lighting probably tops them all when it comes to setting up the right vibe for any kind of room within the house. Without proper lighting, even the best ornaments or decorations can hardly set the right "feel" for any kind of room.


Interior design, specifically proper lighting with lamps, is a serious endeavor. There are professionals that make a living out of such tasks. However, if you want to do the lighting yourself, then a point in the right direction is something that you will probably need. Worry not as this article is going to focus on how to properly light a room/house with lamps. 

Rule Of Thumb 

When it comes to using lamps for properly lighting any kind of room, there are two rules of thumb that you must keep in mind. First, make use of lamps of different levels to produce a flattering ambiance. Second, make sure you are using a specific lamp that is intended for a specific task of a room. For example, a reading lamp for a reading room or bright lamps for cooking.


Living Room

For the living room, it's best that you generally make the entire room well lit. It is best that you place a lamp in each of the 4 corners. From the four lamps, it is recommended that you focus one at an object like a striking chair, a plant or a piece of art. Make use of both floor lamps and table lamps. Also, incorporate lamps that shine upward while others have a downward glow. You can make use of down-glowing lamps as a means of allowing more number of individuals to read at the same time. 


Dining Room

The main objective of a dining room is to draw the people to the table. Therefore, make the table as the brightest object or area in the room. You can achieve this by making use of bright hanging lamp. For other areas of the dining room, it is best to make use of indirect lighting. You can make use of small table lamps, but be sure to set it to a subtle glow so it will not compete with the intended brightest object in the room. 



The kitchen is a place that needs to be bright. Keep in mind that you will be doing a lot of tasks in the kitchen. Thus, bright and white light is suitable. You can make use of overhead lamps to light-up your kitchen. Pick the ones that you can dim down or crank the light up when needed. For workspaces, you make use of lamps that are set at lower heights. You can even use a sturdy table lamp, but just be sure to keep it away from the kitchen sink. 



For the bedroom, what you are trying to achieve is an atmosphere that is cozy and insular. To achieve such goal, make use of lamps beside the bed. However, but don't point it directly at the bed, but away from it (e.g. dressing area). Make use of a low table that sits beside the bed and pair it with a tinted low-wattage lamp as a means of mimicking candlelight. 



This part of the house needs to be bright because most tasks in front of the mirror require a lot of light. Make use of bright wall lamps or overhead lamps that flank the two sides of the mirror. You can make use of an overhead lamp in the middle to avoid shadows in the middle of your face, and fully illuminating the room at the same time. For bathrooms that are larger, you can make use of an overhead lamp that sits directly above the shower area.


Do not underestimate the power of lighting and lamps as mean of setting the right ambiance to a specific room in the house. When it comes to lighting a room with lamps, follow the rules of thumb- like making use of lamps at different heights and from multiple sources, and make sure that you use a lamp that is intended for a specific use.

Don’t forget to take a look at the our full collection of lamps and lighting you may want for your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 

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Bohemian Decor Ideas For Any Room

It is a lifestyle as well as décor trend that has taken the world by storm from the fashion scene to home décor. Perhaps the inclination to the bohemian decoration is because it gives people the rare chance to create a personalized atmosphere in their homes with utmost ease. This décor style is very versatile allowing home owners to use different materials for different effects in their space. This style is so personal that you cannot copy but it is possible to draw inspiration for successful decoration of any room in your house.

Living room

For the living room, throw around some rugs and place vintage pieces on stools or next to core furniture. The gist of bohemian décor is in the use of texture and patterns to create a homey feel. You can achieve this by incorporating rhapsody colors, brocade with different looks and feels to create the ideal bohemian atmosphere. Intricate patterns are the mainstay and for that, colors should be neutral with earthy undertones. Put up some plants in the living room as true gypsy bohemian decoration highlights the need for harmony with earth and life forms.


The kitchen is a great place to try out this décor style as there are many points of focus. You may buy dishes with bohemian patterns, a gypsy table cloth or mats. If you really want this as part of your kitchen, choose some intricate drape patterns to liven up the space. Place some plants on the kitchen window sill and never forget to complete the look with a vase of sweet scented bright flowers on the island. Paintings and other artworks are also a great addition to the beauty of your kitchen.


Boho is all about letting loose, being yourself and flaunting it as much as you like. With this description the bedroom is certainly the best room to try out this style. Try doing things as you like and move things around in the room. Do anything you like: those who fancy an aquarium on the ceiling or a wall to wall screen are free to enjoy their bedrooms as they like. 

Being your personal space, bohemian style encourages artistic flamboyance and vivid displays of the human body. This is described by recognized bohemians who wanted to bring intimacy and sensuality to their bedrooms.

It is easy to decorate in boho style but some people fail miserably at any attempt because they do not understand the rules of the game. In fact, the in bohemian decorating, rules are obsolete as one should follow their heart. Interior designers may suggest certain hues to induce sleep but a boho enthusiast will use any color they like for their bedrooms.


Most people do not consider decorating their bathrooms but it is important to bring some life to it too. Try an elaborate mirror and vintage cabinet for the bathroom walls. You can even place oriental rugs and heavy curtains in the room as long as they are away from the splash zone. Boldly patterned towels, lanterns and plants are the easiest way to bring boho to the bath. Instead of the regular bathtub, go for unique shapes and colors that meet your desire.

If you live in shared space think of everyone’s interests so that you can incorporate them in your home for true good living’. Keep your creative juices flowing and utilize the inspiration into turning your home into the ideal space. Think of furniture as artworks and consider what aspects would make it more desirable. Vibrant rugs, pillow cases, piles of cushions, rustic wood, modern and traditional pieces are examples of rich bohemian décor items.

Lighting should be indirect, flickering, warm and filtered. Lanterns, candles, antique lampshades ad colored globes are ideal ways to achieve these effects. Most of us grew up in homes where every attempt was made to match décor. The golden rule of boho decorating though is to mix items rather than match them. 

'If you got it, flaunt it’ is a mantra that comes to life with bohemian décor. Showcase your unique trinkets and feel no shame in displaying your bling. Your house is your space and you can decorate any room anyhow at any time. It is characteristic of bohemian decoration to mix modern styles with retro to achieve unique effects in the home.

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The Essentials to Decorating Any Room from Scratch

When you're in a room, its decoration plays an essential role in the mood, temperament, and overall comfort. Likewise, floor, walls, furniture, lighting, etc all have their specific roles to play-- not only making the room aesthetically pleasing, but it also gives a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

If you're in a room with inadequate lighting, dull colored walls, dark colored furniture, you're more likely to set a gloomy mood if you're going to stay there even for just an hour. On the other hand, if you're in a room with brightly colored floor and walls, adequate lighting, and well-arranged furniture pieces, then it'll help you feel energetic, inspired, and in a lively mood. Considering that, the essentials to decorating any room from scratch entail paying attention to the selection of texture, color, furniture, and other decorating items. Here are some essentials to get you started.

Designing the Walls
When decorating any room from scratch, the first thing you should pay attention to are the walls, because they take up the most surface area in the room. It doesn't matter if you have large or small windows on the walls, an opening, or nothing like that at all, what's important is that, you should pay attention to the selection of wall color, tiles, texture, etc. This will give your room the ambiance you're looking for-- it could be lively, romantic, or energetic. Likewise, bright colored walls triggers the positive emotions, that it could lift the mood of almost anyone. For this, it's advisable to select a bright color for your wall or opt for brightly colored wallpapers that have a beautiful design.

Likewise, you can also design the walls with beautiful photographs and paintings. This will enhance the look while eliminating the dull aura, especially if the room has dark-painted walls.

Choosing the Ideal Lighting
Aside from the walls, lighting is also an important factor when it comes to decorating a room. We respond happily to bright lights as opposed to dull ones. That said, whenever you're decorating your room, it's important to pay attention to the lighting too, and opt for one that will give you the adequate lighting you need.

If your room has high ceilings, then look for roof lightings. On the other hand, if your roof is low, you can consider wall mounted lights instead. Also, instead of using one bright light, it's better if you'll use 2-3 less brighter ones instead.

Choosing a Color Scheme
If you're not aware, a color scheme can instantly tie a room together, providing a sense of focus as you choose the new items and create an overall tranquil vibe.

Consider the Needs of Your Space
If you're thinking about a living room layout, it's advisable to check the space you have, as well as what you wanted to do with it. For instance, if you have a small room and you rarely get visitors, then a coffee table and a couch will be more than enough.

On the other hand, if seating is one of your priorities, you should keep in mind that you don't really need to buy a sectional sofa just to accommodate your visitors. Instead, you can get a comfy couch and just add a couple of wooden chairs.

Furthermore, think about the storage. Even though your living room shouldn't function like a closet, there's still a possibility that you'll need a place for books and the like. Fortunately, there are stylish bookshelves that you can use for this purpose.

Decorative Element
Some interior decorators believe that decorative accents can take over the room, resulting to unwanted clutter. However, some think it's the opposite. Here's what you ought to know when choosing a decorative element. Keep in mind that small pieces play an essential role in decorating a room. For instance, a coffee table décor in a living room is both elegant and interesting.

Likewise, natural elements can also be ideal décor statements if you're planning to decorate your room traditionally. For example, a clear globe vase filled with seashells can do wonders in a room.

Less Is More
When it comes to designing a room, a little can go a long way. Just what has been mentioned above, clutter is a room's number one enemy. Sometimes, it's ideal to just let a few strong pieces do their job instead of trying to incorporate more furniture. Also, eye-catching pieces need room to breathe, that's why it's more advisable to have enough space in a room that wouldn't steal the show.

We hope these tips were helpful, and don't forget to check out the rest of the affordable home decor collection we have at First of a Kind!

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6 Perfect Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Should Definitely Consider

Your bedroom is the only room in the house where you can get the respite you need after a long day that has worn you out both physically and emotionally. Because most of us think of our bedroom as a sanctuary, it definitely needs to embody our lifestyle and personality and basically be a place where we are happy to spend time in.

An artfully and intelligently designed bedroom can make the difference between finding your inner peace or continuing to feel tormented by the bad day you had even at home, so that is why it's important to match a wide range of elements, including colors, styles and furniture items to create a place where you can always feel at ease. With that being said, below we're going to take a closer look at some master bedroom decorating ideas you can consider to decorate your bedroom in a way that'll give you a positive mood whenever you spend time in it.

Cultivate calm

Cultivating calm is very important for the master bedroom and you can easily create a serene scene by picking refined furnishings and a peaceable palette. You can start off with an analogue scheme, like green and blue for instance. Next, you can go ahead and start distributing shades of both of these colors as softly colored textiles, painted furniture finishes and also wallpaper on accent walls. Lastly, you can complete the look of the room by layering in gilded chandeliers and silvery patinas which will give the entire room a lovely lift.

The fireplace

If you just bought the house and are remodelling, then you may want to focus your attention on the fireplace. What you can do is install a wood burning or maybe a gas fueled fireplace in such a way that you'll easily be able to gaze at the flickering flames while you're maybe soaking in the hot tub, sitting on your favorite chair or when you're under the sheets. Even though most fireplaces are a great addition to the master bedroom, it would be a really great idea to set a hearth at eye level so that you can easily see it from the adjacent bedroom and from every corner of your bedroom as well.

Blending to perfection

To create a really fashionable master bedroom, it's recommended that you use elements from various decorating styles. For example, you could start decorating the bedroom with drapery panels, classic bedsteads and then adding maybe a spiralling glass chandelier and rock crystal lamp bases. However, you may want to pay good attention for progressive pieces. In this case, if you want to add a chair at the end of your bed, make sure it fits perfectly in the modern home decor. Otherwise, it'll stand out and not in a good way.

Focus on creating a collected appeal

It goes without saying that your master bedroom needs to reflect your personal travels, lifestyle and tastes. This means that you don't necessarily need to match everything. So if you have photographs, paintings or anything from some of the journeys you've had, you can bring all of them in your bedroom and decorate it the way you want. Keep in mind though that you should focus on making sure the composition is cohesive by repeating fabric patterns, colors, wood finishes and also metal finishes. In order to keep comfort and interest levels high, you may want to introduce a wide range of woven, plush and also shimmering textiles.

Mix practicality with prettiness

You may want to consider tucking a dressing table or maybe a vintage writing desk next to your bed. You should go with a piece of furniture that provides generous storage, has a graceful silhouette and also accommodates chic accessories, a bedside lamp and your products. Lastly, consider moving in a shaggy rug and a stylish seat to finish decorating the room the way you like it.

Sit in style

By having seating in the room can make it a lot more inviting and cozy. Just make sure you won't let it turn into a stash spot. The chair or chairs need to be placed away from dressers and closets, because otherwise, you'll feel inclined to undress and toss your clothes on them.Decorating your master bedroom is both a great way to exercise you imagination and discovering more about yourself. With these amazing master bedroom decorating ideas, your bedroom is certainly going to look stunning, artful and really comfortable.

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The Top 4 Places Online To Buy Affordable Home Décor

Now more than ever it is very feasible to make the interior of your home look like it has been cut directly out from the pages of the very latest “apartment therapy” magazine. The best thing about the internet is the fact that you by no means have to break an arm or leg to accomplish just that. Which allows you to effectively fashion a luxurious and trendy private sanctuary where you can always find solace after a particularly tough day at work. Or even when you feel the need to thoroughly impress your family or friends by hosting get-togethers or impromptu parties.

Once again it is vital to realize that magnificent home design does not always come with a jaw dropping price tag. Most especially if you opt to do your shopping at some of the top home décor stores online whenever you wish to refine the appearance of your house.

If you're not sure where to start, the following are 4 of the leading online stores that are dedicated to offer top notch and affordable home decor. Of course we pride ourselves on selling affordable and contemporary decor ourselves at First of a Kind, but these four are unique in their own way and serve different audiences. 


This online marketplace primarily focuses on offering the very best of handcrafted and vintage items from all over the globe. That are of course sold at extremely competitive prices. Some of the items you can buy from the Etsy online store include art prints, window curtains, wall panels, pillows, wooden vases, maison jugs, monograms, wall hangings among many others. What most like about Etsy is that the stuff sold on the site (not just home decor) is usually handmade by a creative person just like yourself. Here is a link leading to some of their most popular products that are available on Etsy along with their prices and shipping options.


Canvas is an online home décor store that offers home furnishing items with a modern rustic feel that are characterized by soft, unstructured shapes and subdued colors. The company puts an emphasis on providing products that integrate sustainability and also enforce fair trade.

Their mission statement is to enable homeowners to effortlessly discover their personal flair when it comes to home décor and ultimately express it with confidence. To which end it offers sophisticated items that can work well together as a seamless collection or even when paired with other cherished pieces you own.

Canvas has also collaborated with the famous Jason Wu on a breathtaking home décor collection you may want to give a try. Some of the home décor items this site offers include pillows, throws, vases and planters, baskets.  For more artsy items, they have candles and holders, vases, mirrors and even picture frames. Their more affordable items are the accents and side pieces.

Dering Hall

Dering Hall is an online marketplace that is dedicated to offer home furnishings that are categorized as being on the high-end side of the market. Apart from architectural services, interior design and furniture options, it also has a huge, extensive and widely varied home décor product listing. Some of the most notable among these includes rugs and textiles, pillows, candle sticks, vases, mirrors, fireplace elements, bedding and pillows, shelving and storage and plenty more others. Some items are not even priced and are only revealed upon request!


Furbish is a North Carolina-based online store that is just the place to head to if you want a refreshing and unique makeover of your pad. This website specializes in offering items that are characterized by kaleidoscopic patterns that come with unusual color blending (a lot of pink and blue to match their brand). You can also get access to quirky statement gift items with plenty of options well below the one hundred dollar price. You can check out some of these breathtaking home décor pieces together with their prices and shipping options for wherever you may be located by simply clicking on the link below.

These are by far not the only online home décor stores, but are undoubtedly some of the leading ones in this home category. By visiting any of them you will be able to access virtually any furniture items you may be on the lookout for at highly competitive prices (and some not so much). Our suggestion is to always sort by price so you know what the most affordable items are right away. Happy shopping!

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