How To Use Lighting Effectively With Your New Home Design

When you are looking to makeover your home decor, or if you are just trying for a new look and feel, there are many ways to go about it. Lighting in any home or apartment is important, and it can be used for so much more than just brightening things up and making it easier to see. The lighting that you use can be so much more than just a light source. There are many different types and styles of affordable modern lamps and lighting features that can also be used as beautiful focal points and design features. To get you started, here are some contemporary lighting ideas to inspire your creative side as you explore unique and contemporary home decor options:

 Reuse and Recycle

Recycle old lamps and give them a second life. Change out the shades, repaint, or work up a new style with the lamps youalready have around the house. This can be a quick and easy way to add new life and a splash of color to a room and save money on your lighting set up. But if you do want to add some new pieces as part of your decor plans, look around and see what you have at home that could accentuate and compliment your new piece. Buying one main piece and using other lamps and shades from around the house can be a great way to reuse and recycle!


Unique Lighting

Consider adding a string of lights for a unique focal point light source. This can help you focus light where you need it such as along the wall, in a corner, or around a desk where the standard lighting is not sufficient. String lights are inexpensive and add a nice flare and accent to a room. Other options for unique lighting include chandeliers, recessed lighting, contemporary lighting, tower lighting fixtures, and many more! 

Use candles for a smaller and softer accent of light in a room. You can use paraffin wax candles for a cheaper source of light and some fresher scents. If you want a brighter glow and a longer lasting flame, go for soy candles. If you are worried about the fire risk, consider using the battery operated candles- they offer the light and look of a candle without any flame. We also carry a selection of sconces here!

Lamp Accents
Decorative lamps are a great way to add new life and pizazz to your home or apartment, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It is easy to find one that can revitalize the look and feel of any room. Whether you need table lamps, tower lamps, or hanging chain lamps, you can find something to fit any decor plan. Affordable modern lamps offer a variety of lighting options as some have very bold and dramatic lighting and others are muted and soft.


Natural Light
When you are searching for a way to improve lighting in your home, consider making use of the natural light sources that are available to you. Windows will shed natural light and can help make your home seem more welcoming and inviting, while improving the lighting for every room . Use windows when you have them and save the artificial sources for evening and night time lighting. Accentuating the natural lighting sources with your chosen light fixtures, instead of replacing it completely with your choice of artificial lighting, is a great way to maximize the beauty and health benefits of pure natural light sources.

Positioning the Lights
You can accomplish many different looks and feels for a single room simply by messing around with the positioning of your light and the set up for light fixtures. Changing the shades, bulbs, intensity, height, location, and angle of just one light source can create amazing results- so give it a try and see how easy it can be! 

Whether you choose to go with hanging lamps, recessed lighting, tower fixtures, lamps, or special spotlight fixtures, the contemporary lighting you use will impact the look and feel of your home or apartment. Changing the lighting style can completely update and alter the look of a room and can be a quick and easy way to modify the decor without breaking the bank. Play around, experiment, and have fun with all of the different ideas and style that are available to you from First Of A Kind.

See what locations in your home or apartment can benefit from your lighting experiments, and see what works best for your decorating or remodeling needs. Accentuate the strong points of your decor and minimize the weak areas quickly and easily with the power of effective lighting! Consider trying some of these impressive lighting options to transform any room in your home today!

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