The Only Guide You Need To Choose the Right Wall Art For Your Home, Apartment, or Office

When you are starting the process of decorating your home, apartment, or office with a new look and style, or if you're buying new furnishings, there is a lot to consider as you shop around. One popular trend in modern decor is to find unique wall art designs and use them as focal points in your rooms and throughout your home. Home wall art selection can be tricky but here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • -Could you create something on your own for your walls? Investing time and personal effort into a DIY project will often be much more rewarding than buying something, and it can also be a lot cheaper. If your heart is set on a certain classy or elegant piece of art, consider making some accessories to go with it to add that unique and personalized flare.
  • -Use discretion when choosing art for apartments or offices. Many purchases are done on impulse, and in a renter's situation like an apartment, you don't want to have a lot of clutter to deal with when you move. You will want to make sure the pieces you buy can be easily packed up and moved if and when that time comes. The same goes for the office, as space is usually limited and you often share the area with others.
  • -One great way to utilize wall art home improvements is to make some pegboards for your wall space. There is practically no limitations on what you can do with a pegboard. The flexibility and adaptability makes them a great option for someone who has limited space yet needs something that is practical and attractive. Save space by using your walls for storage and also add a nice focal point at the same time!

  • -Temporary wallpaper is another option you can consider that can help tie your wall art into the rest of your decor scheme. While still fairly new, this is quickly catching on as it lets you try something out without a long term commitment, and it also gives you the option of easily changing the look or style of a room without the work of traditional wallpaper. You can also easily install border wallpaper to carry color paters from one room into the next to tie your decor plans together.
  • -Don't forget to look around you for inspiration and ideas from your life. Inspirational art designs for your bare walls can come from just about anywhere, and chances are you can find the perfect piece of art to compliment your loves and passions. Do you love plants? Are you attracted to bright colors? Are older materials like wood and brick more appealing to you? Look for the things that interest you, catch your eye, and get your creative juices flowing and see how they could be applied to your decor plans. Make a list of your favorite looks and styles and then go shopping and see what stunning pieces and unique wall art designs you can find!

  • -Focus on color and let it be the star of your decor plans. There are always plenty of new color palates in nature and it is easy to be inspired by those colors and to bring them inside. Bring a bit of nature inside to make the room come alive. Leaves, berries, branches, pine cones, and flowers can make stunning fall decorations for your apartment and many are used and featured in wall art designs!
  • -Full wall collages are becoming very popular for modern home decor. Hang some photos in an attractive grouping, get a stunning series of paintings, find some wall sculptures, and design a wall collage that offers a strong focus point for your room. Generate interest and appeal and show off your creative decorating side to friends and family members.
  • -High ceilings are wonderful if you are lucky enough to have them, and you really need to focus on the unique features they provide. You can accomplish this by selecting inspirational art designs that highlight these characteristics. Use hanging baskets, chandeliers, light fixtures, paintings, hanging quilts, mirrors, artwork, and other decor features to highlight the wall space and high ceilings. It is important to learn to work with your room's layout and features, rather than working against them.


When you are updating your decor with a new look and style, or if you're buying new furnishings, there is a lot to consider as you shop around. Choosing the right piece of art and selecting unique wall art designs that best fit your home, office, or apartment is a big task. But with the help of design and decorating experts like at First of a Kind, you can achieve the look you have been dreaming of! Check out our wide selection of wall art and home decor here, including arts and prints.

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