Tips For Decorating Your Kid's Room With Home Decor

 Decorating a room for any can be a challenge, and this is even more so for those picky kids or the ones who seem to have a dozen different interests. One of the biggest challenges comes when you consider that in most cases, the room your child has when they are three will need to grow and change with them so they can still stay there and love it when they are a teenager. To make sure you design and decorate wisely, here are some tips to follow:


Choose room furnishings that can be rearranged and redesigned easily to grow with your child. Go with simple lines in the furniture design so that it can fit into any room décor or style. A bed in the shape of a car looks great for a 7 year old boy but he will quickly outgrow it and you will be buying a new bed in a few years. Daybeds, bunk-beds, and simple styles made out of neutral materials such as wood are always a safe bet. Remember than when it comes to designing a kid's room, the simpler it is, the longer it will work.

Give kids room to grow and you will see how decorating made easy really does work. Children need plenty of space so be sure you have room enough for toys, clothes, a play area, and enough room for friends to come over for a slumber party. A toddler requires more floor room than a teenager does so be sure to consider the room your child needs now and how much they will need down the road as they grow.

Let the kids be involved and have a say in how their room ends up looking. Allow them to be creative; the bedroom is usually the one spot where a child feels safe and where they feel in control, so let them make their room into whatever they want it to be. The bedroom usually ends up reflecting the likes and personality of the child so let them be free to develop that as much as possible- it will keep them happy and content with their room for a longer period of time.

Choose a paint and wallpaper décor that will grow with your child. Paint choices for kids rooms are endless and it can be a little overwhelming at first, but you need to keep one thing in mind. If your child outgrows the pain décor you will need to repaint and re wallpaper the room. So try to go with neutral colors and styles or use removable wall transfers. This way you only have to change one aspect of your paint choice and décor as your child grows. It will save a lot of time, money, and hassle down the road to think about these changes before they happen.

Most kids naturally tend to be collectors, so make it easier for them and design their room so that collecting is fun and easy. Let them have a place to pin up or hand photos and news clippings, designate a shelf for their coin or stamp books, make a special shelving area for their dolls, toys, or nicknacks. Just about all kids want display space where they can show off rewards, ribbons, good test grades and so forth so it is important to give them that space and freedom as you design.

Make the room personal but also keep a focus on family in the room. Set up a growth chart in their room or get creative with ways to involve the family. One idea is to up a wallpaper border in their room and every year let them put their hand prints on the border. Ask your kids about how they would like to personalize their room and what they could do to help keep the entire family involved in the design and decorating process.

With these tips for kids room décor you are well on your way to finding new and wonderful ways to design a room that your kids will love- not just now but for years to come. Remember to think about the short term and long term use of the bedroom and design and decorate in a way to make it easier and yourself and your kids. The bedroom doesn’t have to be a battleground for décor debates. Make it a place your kids can love and enjoy year after year after year! Start now and help your kids design a room that is as unique and alive as they are.

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