The Top 4 Places Online To Buy Affordable Home Décor

Now more than ever it is very feasible to make the interior of your home look like it has been cut directly out from the pages of the very latest “apartment therapy” magazine. The best thing about the internet is the fact that you by no means have to break an arm or leg to accomplish just that. Which allows you to effectively fashion a luxurious and trendy private sanctuary where you can always find solace after a particularly tough day at work. Or even when you feel the need to thoroughly impress your family or friends by hosting get-togethers or impromptu parties.

Once again it is vital to realize that magnificent home design does not always come with a jaw dropping price tag. Most especially if you opt to do your shopping at some of the top home décor stores online whenever you wish to refine the appearance of your house.

If you're not sure where to start, the following are 4 of the leading online stores that are dedicated to offer top notch and affordable home decor. Of course we pride ourselves on selling affordable and contemporary decor ourselves at First of a Kind, but these four are unique in their own way and serve different audiences. 


This online marketplace primarily focuses on offering the very best of handcrafted and vintage items from all over the globe. That are of course sold at extremely competitive prices. Some of the items you can buy from the Etsy online store include art prints, window curtains, wall panels, pillows, wooden vases, maison jugs, monograms, wall hangings among many others. What most like about Etsy is that the stuff sold on the site (not just home decor) is usually handmade by a creative person just like yourself. Here is a link leading to some of their most popular products that are available on Etsy along with their prices and shipping options.


Canvas is an online home décor store that offers home furnishing items with a modern rustic feel that are characterized by soft, unstructured shapes and subdued colors. The company puts an emphasis on providing products that integrate sustainability and also enforce fair trade.

Their mission statement is to enable homeowners to effortlessly discover their personal flair when it comes to home décor and ultimately express it with confidence. To which end it offers sophisticated items that can work well together as a seamless collection or even when paired with other cherished pieces you own.

Canvas has also collaborated with the famous Jason Wu on a breathtaking home décor collection you may want to give a try. Some of the home décor items this site offers include pillows, throws, vases and planters, baskets.  For more artsy items, they have candles and holders, vases, mirrors and even picture frames. Their more affordable items are the accents and side pieces.

Dering Hall

Dering Hall is an online marketplace that is dedicated to offer home furnishings that are categorized as being on the high-end side of the market. Apart from architectural services, interior design and furniture options, it also has a huge, extensive and widely varied home décor product listing. Some of the most notable among these includes rugs and textiles, pillows, candle sticks, vases, mirrors, fireplace elements, bedding and pillows, shelving and storage and plenty more others. Some items are not even priced and are only revealed upon request!


Furbish is a North Carolina-based online store that is just the place to head to if you want a refreshing and unique makeover of your pad. This website specializes in offering items that are characterized by kaleidoscopic patterns that come with unusual color blending (a lot of pink and blue to match their brand). You can also get access to quirky statement gift items with plenty of options well below the one hundred dollar price. You can check out some of these breathtaking home décor pieces together with their prices and shipping options for wherever you may be located by simply clicking on the link below.

These are by far not the only online home décor stores, but are undoubtedly some of the leading ones in this home category. By visiting any of them you will be able to access virtually any furniture items you may be on the lookout for at highly competitive prices (and some not so much). Our suggestion is to always sort by price so you know what the most affordable items are right away. Happy shopping!

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