Bohemian Decor Ideas For Any Room

It is a lifestyle as well as décor trend that has taken the world by storm from the fashion scene to home décor. Perhaps the inclination to the bohemian decoration is because it gives people the rare chance to create a personalized atmosphere in their homes with utmost ease. This décor style is very versatile allowing home owners to use different materials for different effects in their space. This style is so personal that you cannot copy but it is possible to draw inspiration for successful decoration of any room in your house.

Living room

For the living room, throw around some rugs and place vintage pieces on stools or next to core furniture. The gist of bohemian décor is in the use of texture and patterns to create a homey feel. You can achieve this by incorporating rhapsody colors, brocade with different looks and feels to create the ideal bohemian atmosphere. Intricate patterns are the mainstay and for that, colors should be neutral with earthy undertones. Put up some plants in the living room as true gypsy bohemian decoration highlights the need for harmony with earth and life forms.


The kitchen is a great place to try out this décor style as there are many points of focus. You may buy dishes with bohemian patterns, a gypsy table cloth or mats. If you really want this as part of your kitchen, choose some intricate drape patterns to liven up the space. Place some plants on the kitchen window sill and never forget to complete the look with a vase of sweet scented bright flowers on the island. Paintings and other artworks are also a great addition to the beauty of your kitchen.


Boho is all about letting loose, being yourself and flaunting it as much as you like. With this description the bedroom is certainly the best room to try out this style. Try doing things as you like and move things around in the room. Do anything you like: those who fancy an aquarium on the ceiling or a wall to wall screen are free to enjoy their bedrooms as they like. 

Being your personal space, bohemian style encourages artistic flamboyance and vivid displays of the human body. This is described by recognized bohemians who wanted to bring intimacy and sensuality to their bedrooms.

It is easy to decorate in boho style but some people fail miserably at any attempt because they do not understand the rules of the game. In fact, the in bohemian decorating, rules are obsolete as one should follow their heart. Interior designers may suggest certain hues to induce sleep but a boho enthusiast will use any color they like for their bedrooms.


Most people do not consider decorating their bathrooms but it is important to bring some life to it too. Try an elaborate mirror and vintage cabinet for the bathroom walls. You can even place oriental rugs and heavy curtains in the room as long as they are away from the splash zone. Boldly patterned towels, lanterns and plants are the easiest way to bring boho to the bath. Instead of the regular bathtub, go for unique shapes and colors that meet your desire.

If you live in shared space think of everyone’s interests so that you can incorporate them in your home for true good living’. Keep your creative juices flowing and utilize the inspiration into turning your home into the ideal space. Think of furniture as artworks and consider what aspects would make it more desirable. Vibrant rugs, pillow cases, piles of cushions, rustic wood, modern and traditional pieces are examples of rich bohemian décor items.

Lighting should be indirect, flickering, warm and filtered. Lanterns, candles, antique lampshades ad colored globes are ideal ways to achieve these effects. Most of us grew up in homes where every attempt was made to match décor. The golden rule of boho decorating though is to mix items rather than match them. 

'If you got it, flaunt it’ is a mantra that comes to life with bohemian décor. Showcase your unique trinkets and feel no shame in displaying your bling. Your house is your space and you can decorate any room anyhow at any time. It is characteristic of bohemian decoration to mix modern styles with retro to achieve unique effects in the home.

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