The Only, Proper Way To Use Lamps To Brighten Your Home

When you first step into a room, the first things that you will probably notice are the ornaments, decorations or furniture. It's easy to assume that all you need to make a room beautiful are these elements. However, not a lot of people know that lighting probably tops them all when it comes to setting up the right vibe for any kind of room within the house. Without proper lighting, even the best ornaments or decorations can hardly set the right "feel" for any kind of room.


Interior design, specifically proper lighting with lamps, is a serious endeavor. There are professionals that make a living out of such tasks. However, if you want to do the lighting yourself, then a point in the right direction is something that you will probably need. Worry not as this article is going to focus on how to properly light a room/house with lamps. 

Rule Of Thumb 

When it comes to using lamps for properly lighting any kind of room, there are two rules of thumb that you must keep in mind. First, make use of lamps of different levels to produce a flattering ambiance. Second, make sure you are using a specific lamp that is intended for a specific task of a room. For example, a reading lamp for a reading room or bright lamps for cooking.


Living Room

For the living room, it's best that you generally make the entire room well lit. It is best that you place a lamp in each of the 4 corners. From the four lamps, it is recommended that you focus one at an object like a striking chair, a plant or a piece of art. Make use of both floor lamps and table lamps. Also, incorporate lamps that shine upward while others have a downward glow. You can make use of down-glowing lamps as a means of allowing more number of individuals to read at the same time. 


Dining Room

The main objective of a dining room is to draw the people to the table. Therefore, make the table as the brightest object or area in the room. You can achieve this by making use of bright hanging lamp. For other areas of the dining room, it is best to make use of indirect lighting. You can make use of small table lamps, but be sure to set it to a subtle glow so it will not compete with the intended brightest object in the room. 



The kitchen is a place that needs to be bright. Keep in mind that you will be doing a lot of tasks in the kitchen. Thus, bright and white light is suitable. You can make use of overhead lamps to light-up your kitchen. Pick the ones that you can dim down or crank the light up when needed. For workspaces, you make use of lamps that are set at lower heights. You can even use a sturdy table lamp, but just be sure to keep it away from the kitchen sink. 



For the bedroom, what you are trying to achieve is an atmosphere that is cozy and insular. To achieve such goal, make use of lamps beside the bed. However, but don't point it directly at the bed, but away from it (e.g. dressing area). Make use of a low table that sits beside the bed and pair it with a tinted low-wattage lamp as a means of mimicking candlelight. 



This part of the house needs to be bright because most tasks in front of the mirror require a lot of light. Make use of bright wall lamps or overhead lamps that flank the two sides of the mirror. You can make use of an overhead lamp in the middle to avoid shadows in the middle of your face, and fully illuminating the room at the same time. For bathrooms that are larger, you can make use of an overhead lamp that sits directly above the shower area.


Do not underestimate the power of lighting and lamps as mean of setting the right ambiance to a specific room in the house. When it comes to lighting a room with lamps, follow the rules of thumb- like making use of lamps at different heights and from multiple sources, and make sure that you use a lamp that is intended for a specific use.

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