How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Any Living Room

The perfect coffee table will make your living room have a clean, complete look. Of course there are many different designs of coffee tables available. You can find one that is round, rectangular, made out of glass, with decorations or even one that is made out of wood and is simple. You should first take time and explore different options available before you decide on one.

After arranging your living room, there will be a space which will be left, usually in front of the couches and between the TV or next room over. Your inspiration on what type of coffee table you will buy should commence there. It is always necessary for you to buy a table that will fit in the space which you will have set aside for the coffee table- we will discuss size shortly. For those who have small rooms, going for a coffee table that has cabinet underneath where you can store your belongings is a great idea. 

Here are 6 tips on how to choose the perfect coffee table for any living room:


When you start your search, you will find coffee tables at various different prices. There are those which will be very expensive while you can also access others at budget-friendly prices. Before you decide on any table, you should first set your mind on the budget of the table.

Most stores which sell the tables online will have sections where you can filter the price for you to remain with tables that are in a price range which you can afford. You should always use the price filters to narrow down a list of tables which your budget will easily accommodate. After you filter the prices to your budget, then you will find it easy in narrowing down your choice to a specific table which will work well in your living room. 



The space which you will have set aside for the table will determine to some extent the shape of the table which you will buy. Rectangular tables will tend to occupy space next to the walls easily. In case you have a lot of pets and small children in your home, then the most appropriate shape for a coffee table is an oval or round table. This is due to safety factors, since a round or oval table will not expose your small children or pets to injures in case they run and knock against it. 

The shape can also be determined by the layout of the couches. If you have a sectional couch shaped in a long 'L' formation, it may make more sense to get a rectangular coffee table that everyone can reach. A smaller couch will go better with a perfect square table, and so on. 



You should take into consideration the space which you have left to have a table before you order one. If possible, you should go the extra mile and take measurements of the area where you will like the coffee table to be placed. After taking measurements, you will be able to easily order a coffee table which will fit easily to the place (most websites and stores include dimensions alongside the product, so don't worry about bringing a measuring tape to the store).

The number of people whom you intend to accommodate in your family also matters. In case your family is big, then you should consider buying a big coffee table so that each of your family members will have a place at the table where they can sit and enjoy coffee during coffee time.

Size isn't just about width when it comes to coffee tables. Height also plays an important factor, considering that height determines what exactly you can use the tables for. Some people eat meals on their couch while watching TV, and a taller coffee table will allow them to put plates down easier. If the coffee table is really low, then putting your feet up on it is an option as well. This leads us to the functionality of the table...



Apart from setting next to the table while drinking coffee, there are other uses which you may like the table to be used for. This you have to decide when planning out your whole living room, since some other furniture may not be necessary afterwards (like a kitchen table if you eat on the coffee table all the time).

For instance, you may like to have a table where you will store items or the one that will act as decoration in your living room. There are some tables which have drawers or shelves. In case you will like a table where you will store your children toys and other small items, then you should go for a table that has the storage spaces. For decorative purposes, you should look for one that has been made out of great designs which will add beauty to your room.



Coffee tables come in variety of materials. There are those that come in metals such as brass and steel, some in glass or wood. In case you are after sophisticated looks, then you can order a coffee table made out of glass. For durability you can consider metal or wood.

Material usually only makes a difference in the type of style you are going after. For example, a polished white wooden coffee table with shiny metal legs looks more clean and fancier than a simple black or brown wooden piece. Material and color are also closely related to the overall style.



There are different styles of coffee tables available, you can have modern, vintage, formal or informal style. For those who will like to have contemporary looks, they can go for metal table that has a glass top. For those who will like to have country casual, rustic oak will serve them well. 

At the end of the day, your choice in coffee table will come down to what your room can offer and the style you want. After that, it is up to finding one within your budget that meets your other criteria. At First of a Kind, we have a beautiful selection of affordable modern coffee tables to meet your needs! We hope this article helped you in planning out your purchase, and comment below if you have any comments or questions.


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