How to Decorate Your Home with "Shabby Chic" Home Decor

After finishing your home, the interior design is usually the next step for you. The shabby chic or 'old looking but cool' décor style is often preferred by many home owners. This style forgives scratches here and there, and the unusual bash, hence it can be integrated with inherited vintage homewares and colorful soft furnishings.

The shabby chic style can be used to design many home areas, including walls, decors and even bedrooms. It can be used depending on the prevailing season, be it winter, spring, autumn or summer. The following shabby chic décor tips and tricks will help you in decorating your home to attain the ultimate shabby chic look.

  1. Choose a Unique Palette

The first step in attaining the elegant shabby chic look in your home is choosing the palette. You should select a distinctive palette that speaks for itself. Here, avoid the use of jewel tones, dark and moody colors. Instead, go for muted and faded tones, or icy pastels with a classic shabby chic style that are common in many country homes. Also, opt for antique white instead of the popular bright white, as the antique white creates a backdrop for shabby chic accents in faded muted mustard, cornflower blue, foam green or rose pink. 

  1. Use Comfortable Fabrics

Ensure that textiles used create a welcoming, natural and light touch mood. Classic shabby chic décor fabric used should include cotton, muslin and linen, integrated with hints of coarser weaves like delicate lace or burlap. You can use draperies, upholstered pieces, bed and table linens, and throw pillows to gain a classy old-school flair. Addition of dressmaker detailing like skirts, pintucks and scallops on these pieces will give you the ultimate shabby chic look and feel. 

  1. Incorporate Decorative Shabby Chic Accessories

These can include reproductions or authentic antiques. Furthermore, you can create lovely shelves by simply painting and nailing your vintage wooden drawers onto a wall. Other shabby chic furniture and bookcases are impeccably suited to your old-fashioned vases and bottles. Artisan touches supplement the shabby chic design, and you can do this by adding a distressed finish to a vintage table to create a different look.  

  1. Flowers, Geometric Shapes and Floral Decoration Patterns

Wallpapers are very eye-catching and wonderful to have. For a shabby chic look, include fresh or dried flower arrangements and floral patterns on your modern wallpaper, shabby chic furniture or bedding. Your flowers and shabby chic fabrics can be inspired by tender flower shades, which add a romantic, light and youthful feel to your home. With all these, you will be able to comfortably invoke happy childhood memories and special occasion memories.

  1. Select Crystals, Fabric or Glass Lamp Shades with Soft Base Shapes

Shabby Chic table lamps and chandeliers come with crystals, glass and fabrics with soft base shapes. These will gain the perfect shabby chic look that you are going for. In addition, choose soft pastel colors or the classy black, gray or white tones for your lighting fixtures, because these pastels maintain their elegance and feel gentle. 

  1. Shabby Chic Wallpapers

For the perfect Shabby Chic look, go for wallpaper alcoves, or a one statement all for a pop of color. Ideally, a shabby chic wallpaper is matte, whose finish is textured with soft colors, muted floral pattern or a paisley pattern. Clocks, shabby chic photo frames and other accessories can be hunted down and added to the mix. 

  1. Whitewashed Furniture

Furniture can easily define your entire room or home. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the best shabby chic furniture for your home. Select a focal-point shabby chic furniture piece and place it at the center of the room. A farmhouse table with wide wooden planks can be placed in your dining room or kitchen, and an elegant shabby chic feel will be the result. The living room needs to be styled up too – a round wooden coffee table painted in sunny yellow or antique white, with a faded chintz sofa next to it creates the best shabby chic look. Your bedroom is not neglected, as a wrought-iron bed frame, comfy cushions and a pretty window seat will achieve the shabby chic bedroom you long for. 

  1. Slipcovers

Slipcovers are key determinant features of a shabby chic design. They are de rigueur for chairs and sofas, but they can also be used to slipcover any piece of furniture. Pick an inexpensive, lightweight fabric in a dainty print or a pale color with slightly faded look. 

Indeed, the Shabby Chic décor look is one-of-a-kind, due to its awesome elegance and feel. Once you have the shabby chic décor tips and tricks above at your fingertips, you are guaranteed to enjoy your shabby chic home, while impressing your guests!  

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