What to Look for In Your First Dining Room Table

How your dining table looks is very important, but making sure it fits your dining room and functions perfectly to meet your everyday needs is what's more essential. When decorating your house- in particular the dining room- the most important and obvious starting point would be the dining table. In most cases, majority of the stores carry these as a set with chairs, but for a higher level of style you can buy the table separately.

Be it a formal dining room, breakfast nooks or kitchen dinettes, your dining table needs enough space allocated to it. For many of us growing up, our family dining table was the center of the household and was used for not just dining, but playing games, buffet table, homework or working on the computer.

Choosing your first dining room table can be as complicated or as easy as you can make it, but what makes this process simpler is deciding whether to spend a little bit more and go with something solid or saving a few pennies and buying quality products. Quality, price, durability, efficiency, table capacity and design are some of the common features that you should consider before making up your choice on a new dining room table. For instance, a family of four will go for a small dining table while one for eight will consider something larger.

It can pay in the long run to go for real solid pieces for the dining room as they are apt to last for years. Some of these quality dining tables increase in beauty as they fade and acquire dents and marks. Such quality is a symbol of family life and can add to the character of the piece as well as jogging your memory as each mark and scratch will have a story to it of the past dinners and meals.

Let's be sincere- you can only buy what you can afford. Don't strain to much to spend on what can cripple your budget. Be wise and make a budget before you start your search. The good news is that you can still get quality dining tables at a more favorable price if you take time to scour the market.

Purpose and Use
The main reason we buy a dining table is to be able to enjoy meals with family in a decent setting. Other than that, it's a piece of furniture that can serve the whole family in many other ways. If you have kids and you don't want to spend some extra bucks for a reading table, then its paramount to choose a multi-purpose dining table. It will enable kids to spread out their homework on it every night before dinner is ready, or play jigsaws and other types of puzzle games. 

Buying a Table With Chairs
As a first time buyer, its important to know that dining room tables and chairs have to be very versatile as they are liable to be put to all kinds of uses (and we didn't even mention the idea of guests coming for dinner)! You must make a decision whether to buy a dining set or individual pieces. However, buying a table with the chairs included in the price may work out to be cheaper. For instance, if you like the concept of going for a set due to cost and to have it matching then establish how many pieces will satisfy your requirements. The family members may only amount to 4 but you might entertain a lot so it's better to buy 8 or 12 chairs to go with the table. In such a scenario, you will need a bigger table or at least one that can be folded out when entertaining.

Size and Shape

Several dining tables come in different sizes with quite a large range to choose from. Most start from 3 or 4 seater options up to 9-pieces, if you need anything bigger then you might have to consider getting something custom-made. After you have completed choosing the size, the height comes next. You can choose standard, counter height or opt for bar height.

When it comes to shape, dining tables come in different shapes. Some of the popular shapes include rectangle, oblong, square or rectangle. There are more obscure shapes around if you want something really unique. It's completely up to your tastes but there are definitely certain moods that some shapes bring. 


Everyone wants to have unique looking furniture. It's advisable to have a dining table that goes well with your decor and the surroundings. Most people go for custom made dining tables made of wood that can look traditional or modern depending on the type of dining chairs you choose to accompany it and the styles designed. For a distinctive look then you don't have to buy dining sets. Instead, buy the table and then look for chairs that don't exactly match but make a stunning contrast. However, the chairs should still be considerably comfortable.

After you have gone through all this, take a few choices from your 5 best dining tables you found and share it with your family. This will help you come up with a solid decision on what everyone likes. A dining table that everyone likes is more likely to draw the family members together than the one that some members don't like. A special lovely dining table will always make your everyday meals special and will create great memories together. 

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