Tips for Decorating Different Rooms With Different Mirrors

Mirrors are considered a decorative piece of furniture as it makes the room larger and helps in opening up the room. Mirrors can be used as a versatile decorative element and its different shapes, sizes and styles can give a polished look to the room. Mirrors can entirely change the look of a room. They can illuminate the dark corners of rooms and can also create an illusion of larger space. It can make the room look more elegant and can even provide an artistic touch to the room. Whether your taste is ultramodern or ultra-classic, mirrors are available to suit all types of tastes.


Making the drawing room look bigger

Hang the mirrors by turning them on their side. This can be done especially with long skinny mirrors for making the walls look longer than they actually are. Another way of doing it is by hanging floor mirrors either behind your group of furnitures or just keeping it on their own. The long shape of the mirrors make the rooms look bigger and adds a brighter look to the room. You can even choose to layer the mirrors with one large mirror and a few smaller ones on top. This will give an open-space feeling and will also add to the depth of the room. If you're not looking for giving the drawing room a bigger-space illusion, you can simply put a massive empty picture frame over the fireplace to add an artistic style to the room.


Decorating the dining space with mirrors

If you wish to decorate your dining room with mirrors, you actually have some very smart options. One of them is simply covering up the major part of the wall just beside the dining table. This will allow to keep the light soft and at the same time making the area look bright and well lit. You can use inexpensive mirrors (like the ones used in closets) to save on budget. 


Different designs of bedroom mirrors

These mirror tricks work in amazing ways, especially for small-spaced bedrooms. If one wall of the room is completely covered up with a mirror, it will create a visual illusion by making the space look double. It adds a subtle and elegant look when combined with proper color combinations. Mirrored wardrobes can be another smart option for small rooms to make it look bigger. If you intend to cut down their price in selecting the mirrors, you can simply buy smaller and lower budget mirrors. These mirrors can be framed in different ways and painted with similar colours to put them together in the same place on the wall. This should be done very neatly to avoid making it look messy. However, this particular type of design can be put even in drawing room as well. 


Mirror options for the kitchen

One of the popular ways of putting mirrors in the kitchen are fitting them to cabinet fronts. It can actually reflect the whole space around you. You can even consider fixing them onto the bottom cabinets or the top ones. That technique can even work quite wonderfully in small spaces. One unique way is to put the mirror at the back of the stove. This will allow you to remove the darkness around the stove and make it a more enjoyable place to stand. Though this will also make the mirrors dirty easily, they can also be cleaned up very fast. Backsplashes add to the reflection making the space extra bright by using the natural light. 


Antique look for bathrooms

The bedroom dressers can be moved into the bathroom and added with a mirrored vanity table for making the bathroom look brighter and more glamorous, giving it an old world look. Antique mirrors can be placed on the vanity to add to the softness of the look. Obviously, the size of the mirror will depend on the shape and size of the bathroom. Long, wide countertops look great with large wide mirror on top of it, and give off the impression of a much larger bathroom.

We hope we've showed how mirrors can really play a versatile role in decorating your house. It's important for people to take into account what room they're in along with the different colors, dimensions, and themes before deciding what kind of mirror to go with. Check out our great selection of mirrors available at our online store here. 










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