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 Comfortable dining chair fully upholstered on a metal frame. We are a family-owned company with roots in Washington state and Vancouver, BC. We have been guided by a unique and valuable philosophy: take care of our customers and they'll return the favor. Whether you're looking for a centerpiece for a distinctive room, quality art work for walls, or furniture to make a statement, look to us. Unique home furnishings have been selectively designed and inspired by trips to Saigon, Jakarta and Beijing. The upscale collections caters to those with an eye for detail and the unusual. As designers go, we are one-stop-shopping; from our on-trend distressed pieces to transitional to modern, there is a piece for everyone. All media is used in our crafting; we are integrating reclaimed wood in recognition of the importance of the environment. A bonus to all is that we bring you quality, unique fashion and style at affordable prices.

More Information

  • Set of 2 sleek and modern dining chairs with an open, unobstructed design
  • Fully upholstered with fabric on a metal frame
  • Measures 21.3-Inch wide by 17.7-Inch deep by 32.7-Inch high
  • Neutral gray color to match a wide range of decor
  • Perfect for your dining room, lobby, conference table, or anywhere else seating is needed
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