Our Low-Price Guarantee

First of a Kind researches our competition daily to ensure we are offering the best prices online! However, If you find an identical product offered online for a lower pricewe will gladly beat or match any price. The following terms apply:

    • We must verify that the product is offered by an authorized US retailer and that it is identical to ours. The product must also be in stock, brand new, and covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
    • The price quoted by the other retailer must include all applicable charges including those for options, customization, shipping, and handling.
    • We cannot always match prices on special orders, items sold through auction sites, overstock sites, deal sites or those sold through special events (e.g. limited-time sales, closeouts, clearances, or liquidations).
    • Price matching does not include taxes or prices that are lower due to typographical errors.
    • Finally, the advertised price must be available to all customers and cannot require any kind of membership, affiliation, coupon codes or sign-ups.