6"H Glass Acorn Cluster Ornament, Set of 2


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Why We Love it

 The acorn has long been used as a Christmas ornament. The tradition most likely began in Germany, where the oak tree, and by extension the acorn, were considered sacred. The acorn itself was often considered a symbol of good luck, and early German Christmas trees were laden with them, commemorating the gift of life and good fortune. These glass acorn bunches will look great on your tree, with silver glitter caps and mercury glass in red or gold. Made by Creative Co-op, these hang at about 6" tall. Each of these acorn bunch ornaments is sold individually, and you can choose from gold or red colors.

More Information

  • Bunch of 5 glass acorns with silver glitter caps
  • Hangs at about 6 inches tall
  • Made by Creative Co-op
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